The Benefits of Letting Go & Practicing Self-Love

I am no stranger to adversity. Without being too specific, let’s just say I’ve endured my share of struggles throughout the course of my life. I know that I am not alone, but my experiences are unique in my mind and heart because they happened specifically to me. Only I can feel the way that I feel about what has happened to me. Does that make me sound selfish? Maybe, but that’s ok. In many ways, being selfish is crucial. It is important to acknowledge that our personal experiences, good or bad, are vital parts of what shape us as individuals.

It wasn’t until recently that I truly began to acknowledge that my future is not defined by my past. During one of my lowest lows, my mind was so hazy that I felt as though I would never see clearly again. I had recurring thoughts that I was unworthy, that I actually deserved the stress and anxiety that I was facing, and that I would never find relief from constant, nagging negativity. These thoughts were deeply rooted due to years of believing that I was destined to be a victim of the shadows that had dimmed my light for so long.

Thankfully, God steered me toward a couple of books and a podcast that would come to have a profound, transformative effect on me. The gist of the message that I learned from these sources is so simple, it almost seems elementary: Don’t listen to negative thoughts about yourself (what I now refer to as the “thought demons”). Instead, be kind to yourself and envision receiving what you want and need. After letting this message marinate for a while, I finally decided to put in the work. Old habits took a while to break, but I finally cleared away enough of the black fog to let small glimmers of light in. Little by little, as I grew accustomed to the way the light of self-love and projecting positivity felt, I banished the thought demons altogether.

I was astonished by what happened next. Almost immediately, things began to fall into place. I began to receive more than I lost, smiled more than I frowned, steered myself away from negativity and anxiety, and found myself surrounded by those who boosted me up rather than tearing me down. Without extra effort, I was appreciated by my colleagues at work, lauded for doing what I thought was ordinary, and made to feel as though I truly matter. My creativity was reawakened, I became very skilled at what I am passionate about, I started a small business, and, ultimately, I was led to to write these very words. 

I’m sincerely hopeful that the message contained in this post may be meaningful to at least one reader out there. I encourage you to choose to let go, to truly love yourself, and to do your best to walk in the light. I promise that you will be thankful that you did.

☀ -Cyndi

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